Home, Home on the Ranger…

October 8, 2015


Ranger Tugs that is! 

Sakes alive! We have ace-high R-29 and R-31 models available! What a high time you could have with one of these hosses:

– Chow time? Cookie will enjoy a fully featured galley.
– Time to bend an elbow and down the tarantula juice? Serve it at the right temperature when it’s stored in the wine cooler.
– Fandango time? Deluxe audio and video equipment for added excitement.
– Time to douse the lights? Hitting the hay in the master suite means more comfort and spaciousness than you’d expect. Your guests have a bunkroom of their own too.
– Or run at full drive, up to 20 knots!

And a heap of other features!

Whether you’re an old timer or a tenderfoot, these are great cruising boats that make boating easy and enjoyable. You’ve hit pay dirt with these boats, well priced.

R-29     R-31



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