Waterline Boats Is Proud To Announce Its Representation For Krogen Express Yachts!

April 23, 2013

Krogen Express Waterline Boats AnnouncementCruising without Compromise

The Krogen Express 52’ is a highly-evolved design featuring the best materials and construction. It embodies a no-compromise approach to the power cruising lifestyle, in a size that can be enjoyed and easily managed by a couple. But more than that, Krogen Express achieves an unexcelled ownership experience thanks to the commitment of John and Betsie Tegtmeyer, owners of Krogen Express Yachts. At Waterline Boats we are honored with a part in building these relationships, and in sustaining them with our integrity and attention-to-detail.

Say “Krogen Express” within any gathering of knowledgeable cruisers and the name brings immediate recognition. Elegance and beauty leap to mind. Nods to an impeccable design pedigree. Respect for the capability to handle tough conditions comfortably. Admiration for the efficiency to make long passages economical, and the speed to make long passages short!

At Waterline Boats our role is not to introduce Krogen Express to the Pacific Northwest because its reputation precedes it…  Our role is to make the dream of buying a Krogen Express tangible, and the ownership experience itself easy and enjoyable because of passionate local support and committed service.

We will be presenting more information on the marvelous Krogen Express 52’ on our website in the near future. Or view the Krogen Express website at krogenexpress.com

KE 52 for Waterline Boats blog


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