“Once in a Blue Moon….”

August 1, 2012

Waterline Boats, Boatshed Seattle Blue-Moon OpportunityCan it be that this is your best month to purchase a boat? YES! A great selection of pre-owned boats, extraordinary prices, and several months of nice cruising weather ahead make August a rare Blue Moon opportunity for boat buyers.

Blue Moon definition: the second full moon to occur in a single calendar month. The average interval between full moons is about 29.5 days, with the length of an average month 30.5 days. Making it very unlikely that any given month will contain two full moons. Two full moons occur this month — August 2012!

Your Blue Moon opportunity is here! Waterline Boats and Boatshed Seattle are happy to assist in finding the right boat for you.
Click on the link to view our complete inventory of new and pre-owned vessels. Waterline Boats Inventory
If you don’t find your dream boat on our inventory list give us a call – we will assist you in your search. 206.282.0110


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