Camano Go To Guys – Open House!

June 9, 2012

Waterline Boats invites you to a Camano 31 open house!

Make your move to our Seattle Lake Union location Saturday, June 23 from 10AM to 5PM.
Step aboard to take a close look at these great, well-built, economical and seaworthy small trawlers.

Refreshments provided!

Our complete current inventory is listed below. Those marked with a * will be at our docks for the Open House.
To preview – click the links below.

1993 Camano 31 Trawler*
1995 Camano 31 Trawler*
1997 Camano 31 Trawler
1999 Camano 31 Trawler
2001 Camano 31 Trawler
2002 Camano 31 Trawler*
2003 Camano 31 Trawler*
2005 Camano 31 Trawler*


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