Pacific Nor’West Boating & Our Halvorsen 32!

April 12, 2012

Pacific Nor’West Boating – Adventuring Afloat in the Pacific Northwest is a new e-magazine and home to well-known editor and marine writer Chuck Gould!

Chuck was previously the editor of the popular Nor’westing Magazine which ended publication November 2011. Chuck and his team of skilled writers took this as an opportunity to put together a new magazine better fitted to the modern internet age. Pacific Nor’West Boating (www.pacnwboat.com) is the result — an on-line publication filled with articles on boating destinations, boats, recipes, fishing tips, maritime knowledge and much more — always fresh and always relevant.

Check out the article on our Halvorsen 32 Gourmet Cruiser “Island Gypsy” in the Encore Aweigh! section starting on page 40. pacnwboat.com
If you long to learn more about the features, specs and view even more photos of the Halvorsen  32 – CLICK HERE!
Or stop by our Waterline Boats office to personally step aboard her At Our Docks!


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