BoatBid – Innovative Boat & Yacht Brokerage

February 29, 2012

Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle is participating in the first North American application of Boatshed.com’s BoatBid online auction, with 14 of our boats included in the current auction catalog. This Boatshed.com innovation has been tested in Europe and has been very successful at creating excitement, viewings, offers, and most importantly, sales!

Boatshed, with its 450,000 registered customers and its proprietary customer management software is uniquely capable of developing and operating this online auction. And BoatBid is designed specifically for boat sales, where contingencies (such as demonstrations and surveys) are a usual part of a comfortable and successful purchase transaction.

Bidding opens March 1 and continues until March 15! View the catalog and read about the process at BoatBid.com.

Are you considering selling your boat? Then consider what Boatshed Seattle can do for you with this valuable marketing tool in addition to the many other advantages of the Boatshed System. Contact us at Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle to learn more. 206-282-0110.


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