Bracewell 41 Launch!

July 2, 2011

Bracewell Boatworks launched another Bracewell 41 Performance Trawler (built on the Camano 41 Keelform hull design) Tuesday 28 June, sold by Waterline Boats of Seattle. The proud new owners are Rod and Becky Nowlin (pictured above). Becky christened “R-N-R” with an explosion of champagne, and Rod followed with firecrackers at the bow, a Thai tradition said to frighten evil spirits away.

After cruising the world in their steel-hulled sailboat for 15 years, Rod and Becky selected the Bracewell 41 as their new home and will focus their cruising on the beautiful waters of Alaska, British Columbia and Washington.

Rod and Becky are pictured with Lance Bracewell of Bracewell Boatworks, and Scott and Lisa Helker of Waterline Boats.

Bracewell 41 digital brochure Click Here!
Bracewell Boatworks
Waterline Boats


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