Yes Virginia, There is a New Camano 31!

November 30, 2010

Waterline Boats is happy to announce that the first new Camano 31 Trawler — built by Camano Yachts America — is now progressing quickly and is within a month of completion.

Caution against launching a new vessel during the circumstances of the past two years has kept this project in virtual mothballs. But with an upswing in interest for new boats and a buyer (a very boat-knowledgeable Washington couple) the project is moving ahead. Other orders are in the pipeline so production will be increasing.

The photos show the boat in its current state of assembly in Anacortes, Washington.

It’s been said that “rumor is a woman running, in a red dress”. Much buzz in the Camano community has attended the rumor that the hull is red. This rumor can be confirmed as true! The new boat is definitely an attention-getting departure from the 270+ beige Camanos that have preceded it.

The new Camano 31, with a number of upgrades and improvements from the previous Camano 31s is the right boat for the times. It’s efficient, sturdy, and bigger in interior space and sea-keeping ability than its size implies. Now with a choice of hull and superstructure colors and many options. And still a great value for a quality American-built performance trawler yacht, priced at $229,000 USD.


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