Waterline Boats Introduces Gary Lazarus and Dirk Nansen!

July 28, 2010

Waterline Boats / Boatshed Seattle welcomes Dirk Nansen and Gary Lazarus to our crew. Dirk and Gary are partnering to provide Boatshed yacht brokerage services in the Bellingham / Blaine / Anacortes area. Dirk has an extensive professional bakcground in yacht charters and deliveries, holds a 100 ton Master’s License, and is extremely experienced with Nothwest waters including Alaska. Gary has recently returned to Washington from California, and has become immediately active with the Coast Guard Auxiliary and other boating activities. Want to sell a boat? Contact Dirk and Gary for exceptional representation using the Boatshed System of International Yacht Brokerage.

Dirk’s contact information:
Mobile: 360 927 7967
email: dirk@waterlineboats.com     dirk@boatshedseattle.com

Gary’s contact information:
Mobile: 360 686 9828
email: garyl@waterlineboats.com     garylazarus@boatshedseattle.com


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