The new Camano 41 is taking shape!

November 14, 2009


Starboard Hull Mold


Hull Stringer Mold

Bracewell Boatworks has begun construction of the first new Camano 41, with the major hull components almost completed and ready to pull from the molds. For the new Camano 41, Bracewell is improving and modernizing the boat at every step of its construction. Even at this early stage, the boat features an improved layup schedule with only hand-laid fiberglass and use of modern fiberglass biaxial cloth layers, and the use of vacuum-bagging techniques. The result is a significantly stronger hull that also reduces overall weight.

Although not visible in these pictures, the outer layer of the hull is a blue gel coat. The next set of pictures, to be posted in December will show the hull in its full striking form.


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