Helmsman Trawlers New 31 Camano …

January 25, 2016


featured in the February issue of Pacific Yachting – find it on newsstands now!

Check out the ON BOARD POWER article by Peter A. Robson, entitled Helmsman Trawlers 31 Camano – The 31 Camano is back in production and better than ever. The article begins on page 78 with an interior exterior photo inset on page 80. To view more photo interiors / exteriors and specifications of the 31 Camano go to > helmsman trawlers.com


Helmsman Trawlers 31 Camano uses Hyundai SeasAll Engine

January 18, 2016

Hyundai-Engine-GuyHelmsman Trawlers is one of the first US yacht brands to use the HYUNDAI SEASALL S-Series engines. And WOW — this is an impressive engine!

This 3.0 liter V6 common-rail diesel engine was designed specifically for marine applications, and has a proven track record of reliable operation and low maintenance costs in Europe and Asia. Having recently earned US EPA Tier 3 emissions certification this beautifully-engineered engine is now available in the US.

We are impressed with its smooth, quiet operation. Especially notable is the nearly vibration-free operation at low RPM — compare this to any of the four-cylinder diesels in this horsepower or displacement range, which make a boat feel like life-sized electric football.

And we’re also wowed by its many design features including a readily-accessible raw water pump, a built-in electric oil change pump, integral water-in-fuel sensor, and comprehensive dashboard instrumentation. This compact package fits beautifully into the Helmsman Trawlers 31 Camano engine room, and because of its V6 configuration it allows for excellent access forward and aft of the engine.

Hyundai brags about the use of Compacted Graphite Iron (CGI) for the cylinder block, stating that it is lighter and quieter than conventional grey cast iron, while demonstrating much higher tensile strength, stiffness and fatigue strength than steel or aluminum. Real-world experience has proven this to to be a very long-lasting block in commercial applications, like in the iconic canal boats of Venice.

Specifically for Helmsman Trawlers Hyundai is providing a special 240 hp continuous duty version of the S270 engine — a perfectly-matched and hardy powerplant.

Dealers and service agents for this engine are rapidly increasing throughout the US under the national distributor Performance Diesel Inc.

Click here for Hyundai SeasAll’s S-Series webpage: Hyundai SeasAll



43 Schucker – Helmsman 38 Pilothouse

January 15, 2016

ON-DECK-GraphicON DECK at Waterline Boats!

43′ / Schucker Motorsailer / 1979 / power-sail / 1xdiesel / Hansville / Agent-Dave Carelson
38′ /
Helmsman Trawlers 38 Pilothouse / 2008 / power / 1xdiesel / Seattle – At Our Docks! / Agent-Gary Buck

When construction of the Schucker and Helmsman 38 are complete they will appear on our Waterline Boats Inventory page with a photo and link to their complete specifications, up to 80 large format photos and video tour!

Beat the rush! Call 206-282-0110 before these listings go live to learn more or to make an appointment for your personal preview.


Seattle Boat Show…South Lake Union…

January 7, 2016

Seattle-Boat-Show-2016A BIG DEAL for Waterline Boats!

What a lineup we’ll have at the 2016 South Lake Union – Seattle Boat Show! Waterline Boats will have three of the four Helmsman Trawlers models in the show. The 43 Pilothouse – 38 Pilothouse and the newest addition to the line – the 31 Camano.


Waterline Boats will also have a display tent on South Lake Union providing information on the New Boats we represent:

  • Krogen Express
  • Helmsman Trawlers
  • Bracewell Yachts, including the new Bracwell 54, the new Bracewell 41, and the new Commander 26 and Commander 34.

We’ll also have a display of our entire inventory of Used Boats – Waterline Boats Brokerage – Powered by Boatshed. Talk with us about why Waterline Boats / Boatshed is the right choice when deciding where to list your boat for sale.


Seattle Boat Show Runs:
JAN 29 – FEB 06

South Lake Union Hours:
Weekday : 11am – 5pm Weekends: 10am – 5pm

More Boat Show Information:
2016 Seattle Boat Show


Helmsman Trawlers 43 Pilothouse…

November 4, 2015

PassageMaker-43-HLTfeatured in the NOV/DEC 2015 issue of PassageMaker magazine – on newsstands now! Check out NEW BOATS – Helmsman Trawlers 43 Pilothouse, by Jonathan Cooper beginning on page 28.

Learn more about Helmsman Trawlers®, including the newest addition to the line – the Helmsman Trawlers® 31 Camano. Go to > helmsmantrawlers.com


Catalina 36 MK II – DeFever 47

October 14, 2015

ON-DECK-GraphicON DECK at Waterline Boats!

47′ / DeFever Lindwall Flybridge / 1960 / power / 1xdiesel / Pt. Townsend / Agent-Dave Carleson

36′ / Catalina 36 MK II / 2004 / sail / 1xdiesel / Everett / Agent-Gretchen Miles

When construction of these listings are complete they will appear on our Waterline Boats Inventory page with a photo and link to their complete specifications, up to 80 large format photos and video tour!

Beat the rush! Call 206-282-0110 before these listing go live to learn more or to make an appointment for your personal preview.


Home, Home on the Ranger…

October 8, 2015


Ranger Tugs that is! 

Sakes alive! We have ace-high R-29 and R-31 models available! What a high time you could have with one of these hosses:

– Chow time? Cookie will enjoy a fully featured galley.
– Time to bend an elbow and down the tarantula juice? Serve it at the right temperature when it’s stored in the wine cooler.
– Fandango time? Deluxe audio and video equipment for added excitement.
– Time to douse the lights? Hitting the hay in the master suite means more comfort and spaciousness than you’d expect. Your guests have a bunkroom of their own too.
– Or run at full drive, up to 20 knots!

And a heap of other features!

Whether you’re an old timer or a tenderfoot, these are great cruising boats that make boating easy and enjoyable. You’ve hit pay dirt with these boats, well priced.

R-29     R-31



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